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The Divergent Wiki Agenda is the place where editors will find a list of things-to-do in the entire wiki. Please feel free to edit this page in adding and or updating tasks.

Wanted Pages


Pages that needs improving

Other things that need improving 

  • Infoboxes- will need improving
  • Photos- there will be a policy in the near future. All irrelevant and unnecessary photos not up to standard will have to be removed

Status: 40% complete


Pages that needs to be updated regarding information from Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant.

  • Four
    1. Divergent-bio done
    2. Insurgent-bio halfway done
  • Addtional Notes: Both Divergent and Insurgent bio needs sections
  • Tris
    1. Divergent-bio complete
    2. Insurgent-bio incomplete
  • Addtional Notes: Both Divergent and Insurgent bio needs sections
  • Characters

Status: 30% complete

Done Tasks

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