• I don't think that anyone is truely related to each other inside the fence. I think, a select few Americans who are born are sent inside the fence to grow up. Seeing as there is only about one hospital inside the fence, I'd say the children inside the fence are in no way related to their parents. When the children are sent in, I think that they are given names by the government, much like Amanda's new name, Edith. They probably made Tris's last name Prior because they needed one person to unravel everything. They needed one person who everyone sort-of looked up to. Since Edith/Amanda was the one in the video, I predict that in the third book, people will look to Tris more than Tori, who as seen in the book Insurgent, is emotionally unstable because Erudite killed her brother. Tris will, in a way, become leader not just of Dauntless, but of everyone left. Amity, Condor, Dauntless, and Abnegation.

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