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    • It was not as book acurate as many fans hoped, so don't go expecting to watch a perfect apdaptation. Some things were the same, and others were very different. It IS a good movie however, So I rate it 41/2 (Four and a half) stars out of 5 (Five)

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    • The first time I finished Divergent, I was like: "how are they gonna turn this into a movie?" I was not expecting the movie to be as great as the book but well, I'm not disappointed. 

      What I found good with the movie is that it follow most of the lines from the book. I praise Shai and Theo's acting but not so much as the others. The Zip line scene was great and that moment when Tris threw a knife at jeanine was intense! The term Divergence might leave non-readers questioning but they explained it the best that they could. 

      What I didn't like though is that, the air of how intense and brutal Dauntless initiation is isn't that highlighted but since it's PG 13, I get that. (Adding the butter knife scene would've made it more intense or showing at least a few initiates breaking down to the point of leaving.) 

      I give it an 8/10. :D

      PS: Don't hate me on this. 

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    • I loved the Divergent movie. I just thought that it was sooooooooooooooo good. May not be my favorite movie or favorite book-to-movie adaption ever, but it is definitely within the top 10 on both those lists.

      If we are talking about how accurate the adaption was from the book, it was really good. They did leave some stuff out, which is understandable for a movie like this, but overall I think they did a good job (not as good as Catching Fire). Some of the lines were exactly from the book and I always smiled at those moments, I just love how how the accurate the translation was.

      The movie by itself, it was excellent. I loved it so so much. There were moments that just broke my heart into a hundred pieces, and other moments where I was just laughing so hard, and some moments I was completely captured by the action in the movie that I just lost myself in how intense it was. Also the cinematography was just outstanding, while it may not be the best looking, it certainly is beautiful and I love it maybe too much.

      Overall, I loved this movie so much. Not as much as Catching Fire, but it is high up on there. 9/10 stars.

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    • I loved the movie. It was not near as good as the book. It left out some details out that I wish it hadnt. It captured moments that I couldn't imagine reading the book. I almost cried when Tris's mother died. It added some detail that was the frosting of the cake. I loved the Zip lane scene and throwing knife scene they really captured the moment. So I give it a 8 1/2 out of ten stars!

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    • Some friends of mine went to see the movie today. I'll have to ask them what they thought about it. I'm sure they liked it because it looked so good.

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    • The movie was not as good as the book but it was ok. They made Al a minor. Why would they do that?!?!

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    • I thought it was great. There were a few things that I didn't like--for instance, in Tris's fear landscape, the "fear of intimacy" wasn't like it was in the book. Instead, it basically had Tobias forcing himself on her and attacking her. I found this unpleasant to watch--it really creeped me out and changed the whole feeling of that scene. Also, they left out the butterknife scene, which was an important scene in the book. And I didn't like that Will and Christina weren't really a couple like they were in the book, but that's just because I ship them to a terribly unhealthy extent, and I know it didn't bother most people that much.

      But there were also some amazing moments too, things that I thought they definitely did right. For instance, the simulation with the crows was creepy, surreal, and pretty awesome. And the capture the flag scene was great, particularly the part where Christina just nonchalantly shoots Peter as she walks by him. Christina is the best.

      Overall, even though some things weren't as good as they maybe could have been, I thought the movie was really great. It wasn't as good as the book, of course, but I really, really enjoyed it. I would definitely go see it again.

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    • It was pretty good. Better than I expected it to be!

      I thought the first few minutes were pretty solid. And maybe it's just because I've read the book, but I don't think the non-readers will be confused about the topic of the series at all. While watching, I did notice the absence of some book scenes and events (and other stuff, like Al never seemed to develop feelings for Tris in the movie, nor did Christina and Will seem to officially get together; Peter, Drew and Molly did not bully the others as much as they did in the book, and Edward was never stabbed in the eye so it seems he never left, etc.), but I didn't really mind the because most of the rest of the film was very well executed, and those exclusions felt understandable enough.

      I suppose the only weird bit for me was still the cast. I'm not complaining, really, because the actors did pretty good jobs, but I suppose I can say that as a long time reader, I still prefer how I see the characters in my head. Yes, yes, Theo is hot, but Four was always young and less rugged in my head, and Eric wasn't that whoa-big (for me, at least). Again, I'm not complaining. It was just the further into the movie I got, the more convinced I was of these actors as the characters they played that I felt my own image of the characters fading and being replaced by the actors. I am now trying to get a solid grip on those images again and just had to do a quick sketch of their outlines to see if I could still remember. :P

      Ooh, and I loved Veronica's cameo! ♥

      Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.

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    • Finally! Someone mentions Veronica's cameo! And you thought it wouldn't be good! ;) 

      I'd also give the movie 8.5 /10. 

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    • Ha! To be fair, I had so many reasons to be skeptical :P

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    • It made no sense. I'm not actually sure they said Will's name ONCE before he died. Also, how do they make Jeanine shut down the system. By putting the serum in yer all that would happen is she'd be able to control herself. So to sum it up; it sucked.

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    • I did not like how it changed everything- left out my favourite bits, relationships, characters, and instead added scenes that were somewhat stupid.

      Here is a list of things I hated: The lack of Christina+Will relationship, the lack of Al being important, The lack of Uriah and Marlene, They changed the order of everything (tris is supposed to go to Erudite after she kisses Four, and then gets in trouble when she comes back, but that never happened), How horrible the family visiting day scene was (I still don't understand why her mother wasn't allowed there), No Edward getting stabbed, Four's fear landscape was handled diffrently and they cut my favourite part, Tris's fear landscape only had 4 obsticals instead of 7, The part where Tobias is running the computers, they are supposed to be alone!!! Jeanine isn't supposed to be in that scene! In the book, Jeanine never gets stabbed by Tris, and never gets put under the Serum (SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DIVERGENT), Tobias is supposed to shut down the simulation, not Jeanine!

      List of things I liked a lot: AWESOME visuals, The scenes that were done right were awesome, I loved the crow simulation, good acting

      If you haven't read the book, You would probably really enjoy this (most of my friends did), but if you are the kind of person who will say "That didn't happen in the book!" Then this may not be for you. I give it 7/10 in total.

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    • Did anyone else notice the absence of Robert and Susan in the movie or was that just me?

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    • Love it, and if you want to see what faction your in cleck here

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    • I didn't notice that they weren't in the movie. Interesting...the test says I'm Erudite. I thought I'd be Amity.

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    • The movie was excellent. They added many things that weren't in the book...and also left out many things that were in the book. But most movies work like this since a novel doesn't always transfer too great on the screen as is. Beatrice and Tobias are the characters we see the most. Almost ALL other characters are not well be glad that you read the books so you know what's going on...and why one character is driven to do certain things. Although there was an actor hired to portray Edward, I don't recall even seeing him. He also never had his eye gouged out, so I guess he's still with Dauntless. Despite all this, the movie was really good.

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    • TwilightReaderFan wrote:
      Some friends of mine went to see the movie today. I'll have to ask them what they thought about it. I'm sure they liked it because it looked so good.

      Yes it was good but they really should of had the scene where Edward got stabbed with a butterknife. 

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