• Hello, hello. I am just here wondering WHY you guys are so against Tobias and Christina being happy together? They are the only two people who could really understand each other for one, second, wouldn't you rather see the characters you read about and bonded with happy with EACH OTHER instead of some randos?  I know most of you guys have this thing for Tobias and I even saw someone say they wanted him to die and be with Tris, but don't you think Tris is HAPPY two of her favorite people found each other? She wouldn't be upset with it. Another thing is Christina did not STEAL Tobias, in We Can Be Mended, TOBIAS KISSED CHRISTINA FIRST. Christina was minding her business about to clean up from the class she taught when TOBIAS starting play fighting with her and KISSED HER first. So, it seems like your fav WANTED this to happen. We all know Tobias was Christina's best friend's boyfriend, but instead of coming for Christina WHO​ WAS MIN​DING HER BUSINESS , come for the BOYFRIEND of her best friend who initiated it all. To be fair, Tris DID kill Christina's boyfriend Will in the first book, so TECHNICALLY speaking, Tris owes her a boyfriend. If you have actual logically reasons of why you don't like these two together other than the weak he was her bestfriends boyfriend argument comment so we can discuss !

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    • I think most people just enjoyed "Fourtris" and was upset when Tris died because they were now apart. I personally disagree with "Tobina" because at first Tobias hated Christina and now they are together? It didn't make sense in my mind. Anyways, I see your point, they kind of needed eachother in a way. To me, I think I would of preferred Tobias to be alone. ( Kind of sounds mean when you think about it.) Christina and Tobias are just not "Fit for eachother"in my perspective. Just my opinion.

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