24: Insurgent is an unofficial not-for-profit web series in planning stages. No casts have been made thus far.

The series will focus around the story of Veronica Roth's Insurgent and will begin with a short prequel in which the main points of the preceding novel Divergent will be covered. The series will be 24 episodes long, with a new episode airing each week. The series will take on the real-time format of the critically acclaimed action series 24, which aired on FOX from 2001 to 2010. In order to fit the 24-hour storyline of the latter, the story of Insurgent will be condensed into one 24-hour time period as opposed to the novelized time frame of several weeks. 

Featured characters will include:

  • Beatrice Prior
  • Caleb Prior
  • Tori Ross
  • Peter Kendall
  • Edward Marsh
  • Tobias Eaton
  • Evelyn Eaton
  • Abnegation Representative Marcus Eaton
  • Amity Representative Johanna Reyes
  • Candor Representative Jack Kang
  • Dauntless Leader Eric Calloway
  • Erudite Representative Jeanine Matthews
  • Christina Mercer
  • Will Brannon

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