In abnegation, they share any intimate encounters in private as they are brought up to think that every kiss and every hug should be only for the privacy of their homes. Like what Beatrice said about Edward and Myra "They should be in private to do that" quoting their physical contact. But for them to have children, then there has to be physical contact. Like Abnegations rules are old fashioned because they have to forget about themselves and care for others, being apart of that faction you'd have to forget about being selfish and that is any physical contact.

The physical contact thing in public thing where they don't touch each other in public like what Andrew and Natalie did in divergent when their children were at their choosing ceremony. Because they are to forget themselves until they disappear like into the background. But I do also find the way abnegation live is peaceful and lovely but I would never survive that kind of lifestyle because I am way to hyperactive mentally and physically.

So at the end of the day it is all about them not being selfish about themselves and their needs because it would be so selfish for them to do so if they share physical contact in public. Also it would be against their laws to do so, it would be breaching their menifesto and so that means they could be jeopardising their place in abnegation if they do such thing. They seem old fashioned because of what they believe and which is nice and it is their lifestyle. Which many people will have in common.

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