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Australian initiates! Celebrate ‪#‎PledgeAllegiant‬ Day TOMORROW with the cast of ‪#‎Allegiant‬! Submit your questions now with ‪#‎AskPledgeAllegiant‬.

Tune in for cast Q&As, behind-the-scenes photos, and an exclusive clip.


  • 2am AEDT
  • Behind-the-scenes look and exclusive cast photos

Shailene Woodley FACEBOOK Q&A

  • 3am AEDT

Ansel Elgort SNAPCHAT Q&A

  • 4am AEDT
  • @DivergentSeries

Jeff Daniels TWITTER Q&A

  • 4.30am AEDT
  • @Jeff_Daniels

Octavia Spencer TWITTER Q&A

  • 5am AEDT
  • @OctaviaSpencer

Naomi Watts TWITTER Q&A

  • 8am AEDT
  • @Divergent

Zoë Kravitz TWITTER Q&A

  • 9am AEDT
  • @Divergent

Veronica Roth TUMBLR Q&A

  • 10am AEDT
  • fangirlishsite asked: What is on your playlist right now? And do you create soundtracks for each of your characters?
    • Veronica Roth: It depends! I do make a lot of playlists. Most of the time I just have one big playlist for whatever I’m working on, whether it’s a new book or a short story, but for my new series I’ve been making playlists for each character. I’ve found that it helps me, if I’m struggling with one of them in particular in a scene, to get into their heads a little better. Right now I have a character whose playlist is all Sia, Halsey, and Florence & the Machine, and another one that’s all Alt-J—especially “The Gospel of John Hurt” and “Tesselate”—and “Sons and Daughters” by The American Spirit. I’ll really listen to any kind of music as long as it suits a character or a story. -Veronica Roth

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