I have a total of 62 books and the list of authors The I have are:

1. Stephenie Meyer

2. Jane Austen

3. Charlotte Bronte

4. Mark Twain

5. James Fenimore Cooper

6. Bram Stroker

7. Daniel Defoe

8. Mary Shelley

9. Oscar Wilde

10. Judy Christenberry

11. EL James

12. James Dashner

13. John Green

14. Veronica Roth

15. Julie Kagawa

16. The Australian Authors

17. Elaine Bergstom

18. Vampireology

19. JK Rowling

20. Suzzane Collins

21. Brain J Ross

22. Lois H Gresh

23. Kathy Reiches

24. Jen Alexander

25. GD Kilworth

26. Juan Gomez Jurado

27. John West

28. Titanic Historians

29. RL Stine

So Which one is your faves.

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