☆⊙♡◇♧Jeanine Matthews took out Abnegation due to she wanted to have Erudite as the leaders of the city. Only because she wanted prosperity and wealth as she thought that the Factionless were draining their resources and that they were nothing. The only reason that abnegation was treat like this is because of Jeanine selfishly wanted to get rid if the Factionless and in my point of view is disgusting, Jeanine is a terrible person. Abnegation Faction Genocide should not have happened in the first place as I think it is a breach of the laws of what was put up two hundred years ago. Abnegation Sector Genocide should have been left alone, I think it is pointless that if one faction wanted all the power, then they could have done an election like all governments do around the world to be fair. So that is the answer and I hope you can understand it☆♤♡♧.
Do you think that Jeanine is selfish?

The poll was created at 19:35 on May 6, 2015, and so far 4 people voted.

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