had died due to Tris

had to choose between her and Hector

who would have died if Tris chose

Marlene instead of him,

so Tris had the hardest choice to make.

I know that Uriah Pedrad had been

dating her and he joins her

in Allegiant due

to he died in a explosion

caused by Four

who was trying to help out.

Other then that this was done due

to a hard choice had to be made.

It was one or the other.

If you were tris and

you had to choose,

what could you have done

to save both of them.

Christina should have helped

out for sure to save both of them.

It would have been a hard choice to do,

like when Tris had to kill

Will in order to

survive along with her Mother

and Father,

whom they passed away in

Divergent from gun shot wounds.

So yeah, it was not done out of spite,

it was done out of priority.

She saved a child that couldn't hold on,

she sacrificed Marlene's life in order to save Hector,

which could have took a toll in Tris as well.

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