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  • They are still dauntless due to they were only doing what is right for stopping the simulation that killed loads of Abnegation which is so sad.[1]
  • They end up protecting the rest of the dauntless for doing something they regret while under the control of Erudite.[2]
  • Then they jump on a train to Amity to take up refuge. (Peter, Caleb, Marcus, Tobias and Tris).[3]


  • There are one thing that I find wrong and that is what they did to the Abnegation.
  • I am still thinking about them protecting the rest of the factions as they make their horrific journey of protection.
  • I am thinking if they would have stayed in Amity one day later then they would have been fine.



  • They are dauntless posing as Amity due to they are officially fugitives because of what Jeanine, Eric and Max did on Abnegation.[4]
  • They have to escape due to They found them and they went to the factionless centre after they jumped off the train. [5]
  • They were there for only one night to make their way to Candor to meet up with the dauntless that are still pure. [6]


  • I think what Jeanine did to the whole faction system was wrong, targeting one faction to get the power she needed to control the rest of the city.
  • Man the factionless centre did not work out due to they were all taken their time to become powerful, but I am not surprised if they end up being torn a part.
  • It also comes to knowledge that things would have been awesome if they didn't need anything so violent. Like who would crave that much violence.



  • Once the books starts, it says that the Factions have been abolished due to of what Evelyn Johnson-Eaton wanted. [7]
  • They make their way to the fringe and meet people there and they are working for the American government.[8]
  • Spoiler


  • The faction system should have not been abolished due to the world would have been safer with them still intact if it weren't for Jeanine, Eric and Max.
  • I am also annoyed what had happened around the fringe, I am just stating you have to find out what happens.
  • This is a spoiler comment, but this wikia is filled with spoilers, but it all depends on weather you read them or not.


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