so hey. I'm Kamille. I'm new in this wiki. I go to a lot of wikis too you might recognize me from any of them. They usually consider me as the one who tells jokes and such. So umm I started getting hooked up on this seriess, though the romance is making me sick since its taken toooo faarr. My fave character so far is Caleb (I think). I don't like Tobias not at all, everytime I read his name I keep imagining that strange rainbow cloud-like creature from The Amazing World of Gumball (I love the cartoons). I'm in the midst of reading Insurgent now so yeah.

So far, I think the highlights are this.

DIVERGENT = my armpits

INSURGENT = my butt

yeah that's it byeee:)

P.S. it's really in the book go look for it:o I laughed my hella butt off

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