I've noticed that there's been an influx of anonymous contributers commenting on wiki articles. I'm glad that more people are visiting the wiki and communicating with each other about all things Divergent. However, I urge that you sign in and create a user name. It's an easy way to keep track of your contributions and helps you communicate with the rest of the community. More so, having an account gives you extra abilities and features that un-registered users do not have access to, including:

  • customize the appearance and features of the wiki by setting their preferences.
  • upload an image, video or other file to the wiki.
  • add pages to their watchlist, which can be used to track edits to a particular page.
  • maintain a user profile and talk page.
  • remove advertisements from all pages (except for the main page of each wiki).

Not only will you be able to communicate with each other easily, it would allow the wiki to look more alive with actual users mingling and talking as oppose to anonymous contributers commenting here and there. This would in turn, incite visitors of the wiki to join us and help grow and foster this community. Currently, this wiki is marred with inactive users and very few users partaking in article contributions. Let us all help and make this wiki come alive!

Thank you, and hope that you consider this message! :)

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