The new Divergent movie will come out in theaters on May 21st, 2004. I don't how we can wait that long!!! The actress for Beatrice/Tris Prior will be Shailene Woodley. Some people are saying they think the movie will be rated as PG 13, as it involves a small amount of violence but just enough to make it PG 13.

There are 2 books published in the Divergent trilogy. Divergent and Insurgent are the names. Some say that the 3rd book will be titled, "Convergent." They say this because Convergent means to come together from all directions, where they enventually meet; the war just ended between Abngation, Dauntless, and Erudite, so the factions are no longer factions. Some say it will be "Emergent." A lot of silly ones are calling it "Detergent," where one choice can disinfect you. The title will most likely not be emerged in the 3rd book, because the first two are very serious.

Hope you enjoyed this information about Book # 3 and the Divergent movie.

-Butterfly123 aka Hayley

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