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  • Gcheung28

    Happy #FourDay, initiates! Today, on August 4th, we celebrate 2 VERY important things: the release of The Divergent Series: Insurgent on Blu-ray and DVD and our favorite post-apocalyptic hero, Tobias Eaton aka Four aka Theo James aka our fictional husband! As a special treat, a select group of fans got a "Four for Four" package, and I'm so excited to announce that we were treated to this gift! Check out the swag below.

    The contents of the box included: a handmade Insurgent-inspired ring from Etsy artist ACheshireMoon, a limited-edition T-shirt with Four's face on it, a copy of Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth, and the Insurgent film on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD!! Opening this was seriously a Christmas day moment, so huge thanks…

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  • Gcheung28

    The final trailer for Insurgent is out now! You can watch it below and then make sure to tell us what you think in the comments! There's a lot of action again but we loved the glimpses of Fourtris in between those action-packed scenes. Don't forget you can start buying tickets for Insurgent today, initiates!

    Source: Hypable

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  • Gcheung28

    Promotions for the next Divergent movie, Insurgent, are ramping up in time for the premiere in just a few months! We've gotten a few teasers, posters, and interviews, but a new trailer is out in time for Superbowl. Check it out below!

    I definitely love the cool shots and effects of a simulation that we're seeing, but it's a little too CGI for me! I want more real life fighting (and maybe some Fourtris while we're at it), and more shots of people like Uriah and Marlene who we've been waiting for what seems like forever to see. Hopefully the movie itself will focus more on the book itself than cool simulation sequence shots like what we've been seeing in trailers, but, either way, we're still excitedly counting down the days to March 20!

    Source: …

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  • Gcheung28

    We only have a few more months until Insurgent is out in theaters! We've seen a few peaks at what's to come along with a bunch of character posters (Tobias, swoon), but now we have a chance to get an even deeper look at the Divergent sequel by going into a behind the scenes featurette. There's a lot of stuff that we get to see coming in the next movie, but we also get to hear from Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, and more as they talk about the film!

    More importantly, we hear from Naomi Watts who plays Four's mother, and we get a little look at the mystery box! Check out the featurette below now and tell us what you think! Do you spy any easter eggs or hints in the video of what might happen in Insurgent?

    Source: Hypable
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  • Gcheung28

    Insurgent is out next year and it's going to be available to fans in 3D! Theo James' glorious tattoo in 3D? Sign us up! In celebration of this announcement, and probably just to start their marketing campaign, Summit Entertainment is going to release EIGHT interactive character posters today!

    Caleb Prior's poster was just released on and the one after that was Tori over at IGN! These posters are going to be released every hour, so stay tuned!

    You can also check out the Divergent movie's Facebook page to stay updated on character posters!

    • Caleb Prior
    • Tori Wu
    • Peter
    • Max
    • Uriah
    • Christina
    • Tobias Eaton
    • Tris Prior
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