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We were wondering who was going to get casted next in Divergent and our question has been answered!! According to Entertainment Weekly, Beatrice Prior's mother, Natalie Prior, will be played by Ashley Judd! For new fans or those who forgot, Tris's mother is a former Dauntless member who joined Abnegation, and she is instrumental in her daughter's escape from the enemy.

Judd will join the rest of the Prior family (Shailene Woodley as Tris and Ansel Elgort as Caleb) for filming in Chicago. There still isn't any confirmed news about who will be playing Andrew Prior, but the rumor mill is pointing at Aaron Eckhart who is the only confirmed cast member whose role hasn't been revealed yet.


Tony goldwyn

Forget about Aaron Eckhart!! It was recently announced that Tony Goldwyn will actually be playing Andrew Prior! With this casting, the Prior family is finally complete!

Hollywood Reporter

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