With all the casting news coming out for Divergent, a lot of fans have been waiting to hear who will play one of their favorite characters, Uriah. There were rumors of Romeo Miller auditioning for the role, but now it seems like Uriah might not even make it onto the big screen!

According to Divergent Fans and the Examiner, an anonymous source claims Uriah (one of our favorite Dauntless members aside from Four) has been cut from the first Divergent film, but will make an appearance in a second possible film. While Uriah does appear in the first book, the character's arcs are much more developed and central in the second installment so a second movie would be a better chance to properly introduce and represent the character on-screen.

Unfortunately, there's also the chance that a second movie doesn't get green-lit, so we might never get to see a real life Uriah!

Divergent Fans

What do you think about the decision to cut Uriah from the Divergent movie?

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