Here it is, initiates! Our first look at Kate Winslet as Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews.

Divergent katewinslet

What do you think?? Right off the bat, she's missing her glasses, but Kate is looking pretty evil! Winslet says, "She [Jeanine] walks down the corridor and sort of just leaves this vapor trail. I knew I had to bring that intimidation." Veronica Roth also supports Winslet, saying, "Kate has gone with a very subtle, even well-meaning villain. She's not a mustache-twirling Disney type. She brings the menace in a very quiet way."

We can't wait to see her as the intelligent but dangerous leader! Also, kudos to the actress for working while pregnant in a building with broken air conditioning, according to USA Today!

What do you think of Kate's "Jeanine" character?

The poll was created at 23:49 on July 16, 2013, and so far 11 people voted.

Source: USA Today

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