Which series do you prefer and why?

I Saw this comment on the Divergent Fansite by a person named Maraiya and I decided to posted so you guys can see it, do you guys agree with it or disagree? I totally agree with this, I Prefer Divergent over The Hunger Games :D

"I'm a fan of both, but I have to say Divergent. Even though the action in Hunger Games is better, Divergent has a better plot development as well as character development. But I like the character development equally, even though I did feel Divergent spent more time developing the characters. I liked learning about each character. I love how Tris is more of a 3D character than Katniss, too. Katniss is a tough female heroine through and through, but Veronica shows Tris to be just as tough, but also reminds the reader that she is a girl. She's not just some butt kicking hero. I also like the romance aspects of Divergent better. I really didn't understand why Katniss would be angry over Gale when he said, "She'll choose whoever she needs the most." In all honesty, I just thought that was Katniss's period talking because I didn't see anything wrong with what Gale said. I mean, that romance triangle was just stupid and she chose Peeta over a stupid reason. Now, when he killed her sister, that was what turned me off, but that wasn't even the first reason to begin with as to why Peeta became her choice. Tris and Tobias's love is pure and true and the fact that there was no love triangle added shows how much of a great bond these two have. They don't need a love triangle. Tobias will never fall for someone else and the same goes for Tris. I respected both authors' bravery for killing off likable characters, but The Hunger Games had a lot of sadder deaths than Divergent. For example, the death of Prim, that girl from D11, and FINNICK! Finnick's death was just plain unnecessary so I hope they keep him alive in the movie. The deaths in Divergent were more meaningful. There were some minor characters who died and seemed really unimportant in the plot, but they died for a cause. Not just because, "Hey, my creator (the writer) doesn't like me anymore so she is just gonna kill me off." 

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