Hey y'all! Today I went to see Divergent in theatres (Again). It was, like, my tenth time or something, and I loved it just as much as the last times, maybe even more. Whenever I've gone, I've dressed up as a different faction. My first one was Dauntless. I wore: 

Leather Jacket, black shirt /w lace back, black leggings, black leather sneakers, hair in ponytail. 

Then, I was Abnegation: Gray dress (knee length) gray sweats, grey sweater, runners

I can't remember the others, until Erudite my second last one: blue and gray high low sweater shirt, blue sneaker heels, gray leggings

And then today, Amity: Blue ripped jeans, red bandana headband, red plaid shirt, pink hoodie, yellow nail polish.

It was really fun, I went with a couple friends, and they dressed as Factionless and Candor. :)

If you want, you can check me out on Fanfiction. I have one Divergent story. My username's Kal306.

Check me out!! :) 

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