The reason why I like The Divergent Series is because of all the emotions that Tris feels. Because it can relate to anyone. Like when you go to a new school and you dont feel like you fit in. Its just like that in Divergent when you choose to go to another faction and you feel like you dont fit in. Or how Tris and Tobias feel twords each other. In the beginning they dont know what they feel but once they get to know each other they find themselves falling in love. Thats just like us kids in high school who are just figuring out who we are and who we like. I love how Veronica puts in all these details that relate to how we all feel in the present when the book is in the far future. I also love in the movies in Divergent and Insurgent I love how Shailene and Theo play their characters with such love and passion. While I was reading the books I was thinking that when this gets turned into a movie the person playing Four/Tobias is going to have a really hard time to get all the feelings together from his past and his present but when I saw Theo playing Four/Tobias I was amazed at how well he hid all the emotions and love he had for Shai's charcter, Tris. I know in the press and everything that everyone is pressuring Theo and Shai together even though they have their own Boyfriend/Girlfriend. So I just want to say that even though I think that they would look and be really good with each other, Just leave them alone if they get together geart ( which I highly doubt) and if they dont then toff they tem the fuck alone and worry about your own love life instead of theirs.

Thanks Loves

~Shannon xoxo

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