I felt fear curling it's vicious tendrils in my stomach and hands, waiting to claim me. My steps faltered, but I forced myself to step up onto the ledge. I looked down into the abyss of pure darkness and felt the urge to laugh. I didn't think, I just jumped. Oh my god! I thought as I hurtled through nothingness, to my possible doom. What am I doing here? But inside my chest, it felt right. I was grinning, laughing in sharp bubbles of pure adrenaline as I fell into the darkness.

"Oomph!" The wind rushed out of me. I hit hard, landing on my back, and I began to feel what I was on, whatever it was, was giving slightly under my pressure.

A net!

I was laughing full on, now, choking and crying on the tears. All around me was applause and cheering. I beamed as a pair of warm hands steadied my hips and placed me gently on the floor of the cool, underground cave.

"Um, thanks," I stamered, pushing my wind blown hair out of my eyes.

And then I looked into his eyes.

And they were the coldest eyes I have ever seen.

I wasn't flying anymore.

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