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    February 12, 2015 by Thechocster

    Which Faction are you in?

    1. Which of these colours do you like the best? A. Grey B. Blue C. Red D. Black E. White

    2. Which is more important? A. Helping others B. Learning C. Farming, and not having war D. Making every day the most thrilling E. Telling the absolute truth

    3. Which of these best describes your house? A. Grey Slab B. Apartment C. Small little shack made of earth and wood D. Dark pit E. Small version of a Governer's place

    4. What is your smart? A. People Smart B. Math Smart C. Nature Smart D. Body Smart E. Truth Smart

    5. People usually describe you as... A. The Selfless B. The Intelligent C. The Peaceful D. The Brave E. The Honest

    If you answered: Mostly A's you are Abnegation Mostly B's you are Erudite Mostly C's you are Amity M…

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