To everybody's who's finished DIVERGENT, I wanted to suggest a new young adult fictional series. It's called PARTIALS and I enjoyed reading it as much as I have DIVERGENT. It is a touch on the science-fiction side...but the story is awesome.

The first book, PARTIALS is told by a 16 year old girl named, Kira. In the future, scientist created artificial humans...that they called Partials. They used the Partials as military fight in wars. The Partials are mostly men (the fighters) but there are also some women. Most Partials look like they're 18 years old, but they don't age. When the wars were over...the Partials were treated as unwanted by the government. Close to how the Factionless were treated in DIVERGENT. Eventually, the Partials rebel then there's a war between humans and partials. A disease called RM then killed like 99% of humanity. All what's left of humanity now lives on Long Island. There's roughly 40,000 humans left...and they find they can't reproduce because as soon as a child is born, it catches RM and dies. There are still millions of Partials still alive...but nobody has seen a Partial in ages, because the humans have barricaded and blocked off Long Island. Kira is studying to become a doctor...and she's trying to come up with a cure for RM. Kira is certain that the Partials will be able to help humanity find a cure, since ALL Partials are immune to RM. The FIRST book revolves around Kira trying to create a cure for RM. Kira and a few of her friends eventually capture a PARTIAL named Samm. Kira becomes confused and begins to think that the partial has many human characteristics. Kira finds herself emotionally attached to SAMM and unable to view Samm as an artificial human the rest of the humans view him.

Anyway, I've read the first two books, PARTIALS...and then FRAGMENTS. I'm waiting for the last book to be published, which will be this year. Anyway, I loved the series and wanted to mention it to all of you.

Here's a video I found that describes what a Partial is.

Partials by Dan Wells Book Trailer-002:34

Partials by Dan Wells Book Trailer-0

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